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Hello User!

Welcome to Asteroids, a game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #38.

The theme was A Small World, so we came up with a concept that involved much harder mechanics than that is currently implemented right now. These involved planetary rotation to simulate a solar system, multiple enemy types, and attacks/variations. We decided to go small and easy, what we came up with is Asteroids, a small 2D action/strategy game. You play as the little character on top of the earth, and are armed with a bat to deflect asteroids that come flying in randomly from space. Be weary though, alien's will also come to try to destroy your planet as all they seek for is the destruction of the human race!

Survive for 60 seconds as you get pelted with multiple threats from every direction.


This game was made by My friend and I for LD38.

Install instructions

Just download, extract folder, and run Asteroids.exe; That's it!


Asteroids.zip 5 MB


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The download ought to be listed as Windows only; unless people have wine .exe files can't be run on Mac or Linux (as far as I know)

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Haha, your definitely right, the game is using an OpenGL Template so I can port it to mac and linux, just as stated in metadata. (My intention all along :P)

Oh sorry, I should've seen that. Cool.