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LD41 Jam Game

Theme - Two Incompatible Genres

Bullet Hell Typing is a game where you play as a ship in a similar fashion/scenario to Space Invaders. The game is ultimately a Bullet Hell, but with a twist! You have a fuel bar and this decreases over time as you fly around, causing your ship to get less accurate to your cursor, where accuracy is key in a Bullet Hell type game. The only way to get fuel back is by typing the words above your ship which makes you lose full concentration of dodging projectiles in order to make dodging easier. This makes for a pretty interesting mechanic and fits the theme of "2 Incompatible Genres" very well in our opinion!

(Also there is a boss fight if you kill enough enemies ;) (hint 50 hint))

Side Note: The music is not our's as we did not have an musician/composer for this Ludum Dare. The main menu music is from Bullet Hell Monday, and the game music is "U.N. Owen was her? (Flandre's Theme) || Metal Cover by RichaadEB", neither of which we own the rights too. We do not intend on making money off of this game however, and this was just for fun. 


Made by BlazeXenon and PandaCultist

Install instructions

Just download, and extract the folder and executable, then double click the executable!


Bullet Hell Typing - 32 Bit 27 MB
Bullet Hell Typing - 64 Bit 29 MB
Bullet Hell Typing - Mac OS X - Universal 44 MB
Bullet Hell Typing - Linux - Universal 48 MB

Development log


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 Pretty fun! Played on easy for 30 mins. Beat 3  bosses.. Will see how long I can go tomorrow.