A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hey there visitor! This is the homepage of the 'My Chicken' game made for Ludum Dare 44 by BlazeXenon, PandaCultist, and GrunkleAnn.

My Chicken is a story based game where you play as an old man who is determined to find his chicken. 

-Short gameplay (about 2-3 minutes of story rich goodness) 

Unfortunately we wanted to include more in the final build of the game but due to the 72 hour time constraint we had to make something short and simply.

Hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Windows - Download and Extract Folder, Launch the MyChicken Executable.

Mac - Extract file and Play

Linux - Extract folder and Launch MyChicken.x86_64


My Chicken x32.zip 43 MB
My Chicken x64.zip 46 MB
My Chicken Mac OSX.zip 46 MB
My Chicken Linux x86_64.zip 47 MB

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